Fish Reports & Photos

Fish Reports And Photos
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Truline May 6th

We went to San Clemente Isl to fish the Yellowtail and the wind was blowing very hard in the morning and the Yellows were in the 3lb class so we left them and went looking for something else and we found a very good bite on the Calico bass with all that goes with them, Sheephead, Perch and rock fish and a few Barracuda. The wind calmed down and we had a good ride home with lots of fish for all. Every one is looking forward to the next trip.

Truline April 22nd

Squid was very tough to get and the Yellowtail are on a dropper loop with squid bite so all we got was one Yellowtail but the red rock fish were biting and we had a very good bite on the Calico bass so the bags were healthy. Weather was a pleasent suprise with no wind and calm seas, in all a good day to be fishing. Lots of fish at San Clemente Isl and it looks like a time bomb ready to go off so if you have time go fishing if you can, if you don't have the time make time to go.

Boat Sea Hawk -- June 13th

We had very nice weather and good fishing when we got to San Clemente Isl., our bait was Sardines and frozen Squid and each seemed to work equally well. We had two White Sea Bass, six Yellowtail, one 25 lb Halibut and a lot of Calicos, Our jackpot is for Calicos only and the jackpot fish was released as well as countless others to fight another day.

Good Fishing

Sea Hawk -- March 21st

Overcast skies and a little wind turned the water over and made for scratch fishing but we had six yellowtail and fifty calico bass with quite a few rockfish, there were a lot of lingcod caught and most were shorts but a few on the border line but all released unharmed to live another day. Any day fishing is a good day and to share it with friends it couldn't get much better.

Tight Lines


The trip was a tough one as far as the weather with wind and rain but Frank and the crew and passengers made the best of it and we ended the trip with a very fine catch of fish. Thanks go to Lead Master, Newell Reels, Owner and Hayabusa hooks (for helping us catch a lot of the bigger fish) for their support on this trip.


1st place Shigeo Ishibashi..........309 lb.

2nd place Jim Mitchell..........295 lb.

3rd place Alan Otsuka..........290 lb.

Honorable mention goes to Joyce Corrigan for a very tough 310 lb. Tuna.

Frank, the crew and passengers made this a very enjoyable trip, if you have never had the experience of a long range trip give Scotty a call at Fishermans Landing for the time of your life.


Royal Polaris Jan.-1/19/03

The quality of the fish on this trip was outstanding with everyone getting one at 150 lbs or better. There is no crew or office staff that works harder to make sure that you have a good time on the trip and for that I thank them.


1st place Calvin Fujimoto.............205.6

2nd place Mike Furukawa............201.5

3rd place Calvin Fujimoto............197



Happy holidays!!

We at Taka's wish all a healthy and prosperous New Year.



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